A Call for Speakers & Presentations

Seeking Sustainability Experts for the 2011 Sierra Permaculture Guild Season

Greetings Permies and Happy New Year! I hope this coming year brings you much abundance.

I am very much looking forward to getting the 2011 Sierra Permaculture Guild meeting schedule planned and I’m now seeking local experts to do talks at our upcoming guild meetings.

Permaculture is a broad system of sustainable design and as such, I am looking for speakers who can do 60-minute presentations on subjects covering both the visible and invisible structures related to permaculture, including but not limited to:

– ecological agriculture
– animals & range management
– soil management & fertility
– bees & beekeeping
– peak oil & energy issues
– local/independent media
– relocalization & transition movements
– alternative currencies & economics
– social justice
– distributed & renewable energy systems
– ecovillage & intentional communities
– water harvesting
– ecology & wildlife
– earthworks
– wildcrafting
– canning & preserving
– seed saving
– plant propagation
– natural building methods & techniques
– handcrafts and practical skills
– Zone 0 & the Inner Landscape
– a presentation on your personal permaculture designs/projects
– and any and all other topics that are applicable to Permaculture

If you are not familiar with permaculture, you can find a nice summary here: http://sierrapermaculture.com/?page_id=71

More social interaction is also a goal of mine for the Guild this year, and so I’d like to suggest — with input from you — that we rotate meeting locations amongst guild members’ homes and perhaps include a potluck at each meeting. By hosting a meeting at your place, you can show us what you’ve been doing and gather design & implementation input from guild members. This could, in turn, spin off into ‘Garden Wheel’ workdays where members gather to help other members install systems in a hands-on way. What are you thoughts? Please feel free to post your feedback on any and all of this in the comments section, on the guild listserv, or the discussion section on our Facebook page and let’s get a conversation going! Perhaps now would be a good time to add a discussion forum to the mix?

If you’d like to do a presentation or host a Guild meeting this season, please email me directly at gryphonATsierrapermacultureDOTorg

All the best for ’11,

The Sierra Permaculture Guild
Website: http://SierraPermaculture.org
Listserv: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/SierraPermaculture

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